Elrika Hoffman: Owner and Speech- Language- Hearing Therapist at Elrika Hofffman Speech Therapy Private Practice.

I started my journey in the independent private sector in 2013. I received a Bachelor's degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2009 and completed my community service year in Witbank, Mpumalanga where I gained valuable experience at Witbank community hospital and several outreach clinics.

I am very grateful and privileged to have a very loyal, dedicated, creative and hard working Speech Therapist as employee and colleague. We are currently delivering services primarily at selected schools in the Northern- and Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Services are available in English and Afrikaans. Please refer to the rest of the website to find out more about what Speech Therapy is about, our consultation hours, as well as areas of interest. 

Please contact us should you require more information, would like to make an appointment or speak to one of our Speech Therapists.

Marissa de Bruyn joined Elrika Hoffman's Private Speech Therapy Practice on a full time basis in 2017. Marissa studied a Bachelor's degree in Speech-, Language- and Hearing Therapy at the University of Stellenbosch. She received her degree in 2015 and completed her Community Service year in Upington where she gained knowledge and experience working with children and adults of all ages. Marissa is also skilled in Hippotherapy and became a Hippotherapy Specialist (the use of horse riding as therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment, especially as means of  improving coordination, balance and strength". Marissa has a specific interest in working with children on the spectrum and is excited to incorporate new ways of therapy approaches for these special needs children. Marissa currently works with children of the ages 3 years and up with speech-, language-, hearing-, special needs, pre-literacy skills (spelling & reading), auditory rehabilitation and/or alternative communication difficulties. Marissa is a hard worker, dedicated and passionate about her work. She is excellent with hands-on therapy and is available to provide consultations, assessments and therapy in English AND Afrikaans.

"Let them talk of us and say. For their tomorrow. We gave our today" - John Maxwell Edmonds




After hours:


After hours available for any queries or phone calls to the Speech Therapists.



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South Africa


Cell: 082 331 7543 / 082 386 5111

Tel:  021 913 5197

Email:  info@elrikahoffmanspeech.com


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