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1. Is there a difference between Speech-, Language- and Communication?


Speech-, Language- and Communication are three different terms that refer to three different concepts.

  • Communication refers to the sharing of information

  • Speech refers to communication through spoken words made up of sounds

  • Language refers to the rules of speech, the creation of new words and how to put the words together to form phrases and sentences.

Children may not develop equally in all of these areas. When they fall noticeably behind in any of these areas, professional help should be sought from a Speech-, Language- and Hearing Therapist.


2.  Should you be able to understand everything a toddler is saying?


It is normal for adults to not always understand everything a toddler says. Two- and three year old children are in the process of learning language. They learn best by practicing how to make sounds, how to put sounds together to form words and how to put words together to form sentences. Not being able to understand you toddler is still normal up to the age of 3 years. Your toddler’s speech- and language should be developed by the age of 4 years for you and other people to understand.


3.  If I am concerned about a child’s speech- and/or language development, what

     should I do?


While it is possible for a child to outgrow the speech- and/or language problem(s), it is also possible for the problem(s) to create bigger problems emotionally, sociably and academically later on the child’s life.

If a child needs help with speech- and/or language, it is important to get the help as early as possible. Speech- and language problems are often related to a family history of such problems. Consult with a professional Speech- Language- Hearing Therapist (SLT) if this is the case.


4.  What red flags can indicate that a child experiences problems with speech-,

     language- and/or hearing?


Red flags for speech- and language development are signs that your child might not be developing like his/her peers. Some red flags for a speech and/or language delay include the following:

  • The child does not respond to his/her surroundings in the usual way.

  • The child does not play with peers or toys in ways that other kids his/her age do.

  • The child does not use a variety of sounds or words.

  • The child does not understand (or respond) when he/she is asked a question.

  • The child does not follow instructions.

  • The child does not use words to tell adults what he/she needs.

  • Gestures or even tantrums are used to indicate needs.

If a child is showing any of these red flags, contact a Speech- Language- Hearings Therapist for a diagnostic assessment to determine these problem areas. The SLT will help your child to improve and correct his/her speech- and/or language abilities.

5.  What is the difference between Speech Therapy and Speech & Drama at schools?

Speech & Drama:

Speech & Drama extramural classes delivered at schools are made up of a range of drama and voice-related activities designed to improve self-confidence, communication skills in a social context, as well as presentation skills.

Speech & Language Therapy:

Speech- and language therapy is concerned with the management of disorders of speech, language, communication and swallowing in children and adults. Speech- and Language Therapists are medical practitioners using specialist skills to diagnose and treat problem areas. We collaborate with other health care professionals working as a multi-disciplinary team, providing information and referrals as dictated by the individual client's needs. 

Please note: "Speech Therapy" and "Speech & Drama" are NOT the same.

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